Internal Halyard Type Flag Poles - Winch & Handle

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Published: 13th September 2010
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Flag poles with an internal halyard system have most of the parts and components mounted on the inside of the flag pole shaft. These great poles have proven to be great flag poles for sale, since internal halyard systems have become increasingly more popular to those seeking added flagpole security. Internal halyard systems include the gearless winch system, the v cleat and the cam cleat.

On such internal halyard type pole is the "deluxe" flagpole. These flagpoles are manufactured from aluminum and are offered with a winch system that also includes a removable handle. This feature offers more security to those living the more "challenging" areas. The winch, halyard and some other parts are found on the inside of the shaft. A configuration ideal for those that want to keep their flag flying proudly without having to worry about neighborhood vandals.

All new poles include various parts to make the "whole thing" work. Easy installation instructions make for a quick fix usually. The improved winch is gearless and self-locking at any point, thus not needing any separate brake. This internal halyard system offers easy and rapid lowering and raising of small and huge flags. No weekly or monthly lubrication of any parts is necessary. This winch system is easily adaptable to already existing flag poles

These poles are manufactured from the aluminum metal, which requires a minimal amount of maintenance. Some consistent cleaning of the flagpole shaft can prevent staining and rusting. Lengths range anywhere from 20 ft to a maximum height of 80 ft.

Deluxe type flagpoles can reach heights up to 80 feet and are certified to fly flags in 118+ mph wind conditions. Like with any other product, a limited warranty is commonly included. Some flagpole suppliers have great flag poles for sale and include free shipping with their products.

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